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                                      The Man in the Cafe  a  film by Benito Gutmacher                                   

      VIDEO FIRE ON THE STAGE: "Portrait  of Benito Gutmacher"


Argentinean actor author and director studied drama, body language,
and singing in Buenos Aires where he made his stage debut in 1970.
Inspired by Antonin Artaud’s writings move to Paris in 1971
where he caught the European “avangard” theatre public’s eye
when he appeared at a major theatre conference in Paris clad
in his costume of brief underpants to perform “The Cry of the Body”.
His metaphysical acrobatics and emotional mime-theatre style has
been acclaimed as a true follower of Antonin Artauds theatre theories.

Benito Gutmacher

introduces a unique form of physical language into the theatre.
In 1972 he was invited to perform in the “Theatre of the Nations”
in Paris  where he got known  people like Jean Louis Barrault,
Marcel Marceau, Peter Brook, Julian Beck, Judy Malina,
Jerome Savary, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Andre Gintzburger,
Peter Bu u.a.  “The Cry of the Body” his most successful piece,
has been acclaimed in Europe at most Major Theatre Festivals and Latin America.
He had created four other one-man-shows and six collaborations
since 1979. He directed and wrote since 1976 more than 20 plays.
He has been a leading teacher of seminars and Major University
Theatre Workshops in Europe and Latin America since 1980.
In mai 1990, he make his American debut in New York City at Theatre"La Mama"
at the First Floor Theatre, Stephen Holden from the New York Times writes about Gutmacher 
as a "virtuoso of movement"
He is married, has 4 children and lives since 1981 in Freiburg, Germany.

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                            The Man in the Cafe  a  film by Benito Gutmacher                                                                      

 VIDEO   FIRE ON THE STAGE: "Portrait  of  Benito Gutmacher"